Now the conversion centre is where YOU can build your dream custom Platinum Wave Camper. Below you can find out about all of our layouts available when you are customising your own FREE OF CHARGE custom build! Below you will find detailed overviews of each layout along with a video from "Our Tim" giving you a detailed insight into each layout. If you are thinking about Building a Platinum Wave Camper with us here please get in touch via our Contact page. We can source any donor vehicle you desire, age, mileage or spec.
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The Aylesbury
  • IMG 0147 26
  • IMG 0130 13
  • IMG 0143 24
  • IMG 0152 28
  • IMG 0151 27

Based around a tidy looking storage area, with slick rolling shutter doors you can get into your lockers nice and easily, but hide them all away with ease. Also equipped with overhead lockers, sink and hob, fridge and LED lights all round.

The Winchester
  • IMG 0184 13
  • IMG 0208 28
  • IMG 0200 22
  • IMG 0197 20
  • IMG 0194 19

Designed with a different variation of overhead lockers, previously built with one overhead locker in past layouts but now optimsed with a two locker overhead layout after some customer feedback.

The Windermere
  • IMG 8800 17
  • IMG 8806 19
  • IMG 8809 20
  • IMG 8806 19
  • IMG 8820 23

Now this is aptly named Windermere, the big difference you will notice in a windermere is it's a 3 seater in the back, allowing for more room for family or friends to sit back and enjoy the views of wherever you have pitched up for the evening. Equipped with a sink, hob and fridge below it's storage units.

The Blenheim
  • IMG 6191 14 14
  • IMG 6203 25 25
  • IMG 6203 25 25
  • IMG 6206 28 28
  • 20190709 112552 3

The layouts vary depending on the overhead locker storage, the Blenheim has an extra compartment making it 3 overhead lockers in this layout variation.

The Canterbury
  • IMG 4548 16
  • IMG 4565 25
  • IMG 4569 27
  • IMG 4558 21
  • IMG 4560 22

The Canterbury is built with the chefs and Bakers in mind, if you love to create gorgeous food on the move then this is the van for you. With ample storage throughout the cabin for all your sundries and items, the Canterbury is also equipped with a hob and sink layout up top and an oven below.  You should be feeding your family in the comfort of your own Platinum Wave Camper.

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