At Platinum Wave Campers, we are driven to provide you with the ultimate Campervan experience. With our exclusive finance packages, we're determined to make your dream of owning a luxury VW Campervan, Kombi van, or crew van a reality. Below are several finance examples for you to take a look at so you can figure out what works best for you.

Our finance partner, Alpha Asset Finance, is powered by a passionate team who searches their vast database of lenders to find you the best campervan finance deal, tailored to your specific budget, deposit, personal details, and circumstances.

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To help you visualise the possibilities, we've included several finance examples for you to explore. 

Get ready to hit the road with the determination and passion that only Platinum Wave Campers can bring.


1. Provide Your Information


We start by collecting all of the necessary information from you to complete the finance application.


2. Determine Your Deposit


Next, we calculate the deposit amount you are willing to put towards the purchase of your luxury camper van, VW camper, custom build camper van, or kombi van.


3. Choose Your Camper Van


It's time to bring your dream to life! You can choose from our available stock of ready-to-go camper vans, or custom build your own. If you choose to customise, we'll make sure it fits within your budget.


4. Find the Perfect Package


Based on all of your requirements, we work with Alpha Asset Finance to find the best finance package to suit you.


5. Submit Your Application


With the perfect package in place, your application is sent to our finance specialist who will find suitable lenders.


6. Quick Decision


We strive to provide you with a decision from our lenders within 24 hours, so you can start planning your adventures in your new luxury camper van, VW camper, custom build camper van, or kombi van.


Finance Calculator

Enter the amount you’d like to borrow, your repayment period and your credit rating and our calculator will provide you with an estimated finance quote for your campervan or kombi. 

Click ‘Get a quote’ with no impact on your credit score and you’ll be taken to a partner site to continue your application.

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