Why is there huge rise in VW Camper Van sales in the UK?

21st June 2020
As we're on the way out of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the rise of Volkswagen Campervans sales has shot through the roof. With travel restrictions in place and government advice of not travelling abroad, travel enthusiasts and sun-seekers are now turning to the VW Camper van lifestyle for their family holidays.
Brits not abroad

Throughout the the whole COVID-19 pandemic as with a lot of business sectors, the travel, leisure and motorhome industry was struggling. With the restrictions of retail stores being unable to open and the uncertainty around the global economy it was a tough few months for us all. But now we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and restrictions are starting to life here in the UK, Platinum Wave Campers have seen a huge increase in leads, messages, emails, calls and even sales!

With the goverments guidelines and advice of not travelling abroad for the foreseeable future holiday makers have been funnelled to explore the motorhome and campervan industry to enjoy there holidays. 

"The Foreign Office indefinitely advises against all non-essential global travel." 


    What does the UK have to offer?

      Our country has a lot to offer in terms of holidays and family adventures, for a lot of holiday makers these are usually missed and a flight with a tour operater to somewhere warmer is usually the preffered holiday of choice.

      The UK travel and leisure industry should be massively excited about the influx of holiday makers visiting some of the UK's best hotspots in the coming months! The United Kingdom has hundreds of beautiful coastal walks, beaches and beauty spots that would usually go unexplored by many. We have countless secluded, rich and green forests hiding family adventures! Don't forget the UK's popular beachfront promonades and piers full of arcades, gift shops and traditional rock candy. Of course nodbody can turn down a cheeky ice cream with the family or enjoying authentic fish and chips from a seaside chippy.


        Where to go in the UK?

        Like we have said above the UK has countless places to visit. Almost every seaside location or nature reserves have campsites for you to stay at. Or the beauty of the VW campervans is you can pretty much pitch up whereever you feel like it for an evening, within reason of course and not breaking any laws. They are so versatile, and allow for the that adventure lifestyle. 

        Please plan ahead though as with all of our Camper van sales increasing the campsites up and down the UK are going to be filled to capacity extremely quickly! Please book well ahead to not be disappointed. Please find a link to some of the best UK campsites below.



          Record sales for Platinum Wave Campers

          We have been amazed at the influx of customers getting in touch with us here, popping along to our retail pitch or even just enquiring. We have had a record amount sales since we re-opened to the public. We had 24 pitch vans ready to go at the start of May we now have only two available to driveaway today. We are planning on a huge restock of vans for the pitch in the coming weeks. As you can imagine our fantastic team at our conversion center have worked around the clock to meet demands and we have taken on some new team members as well to keep on top things! 

          As well as the pitch vans flying out the doors to some fantastic customers for new family adventures, we have also had 42 customers taking advanatge of our free of charge custom build service for some exciting creations as well. The custom build process turns the creativity over to you, allowing you to build your dream campervan for the family. 

          We have been that busy here that some of the vans have arrived on our retail site at 9AM in the morning and they have been snapped up by a lucky customer before we have even had a chance to take the vehicle for pictures to list it on our website and social media channels. So if you are considering a Platinum Wave Camper for your family holidays for the foreseeable future please don't hesitate in getting in touch via our contact page.

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