Is it a motor caravan? Is it a van with windows? How do I insure my Volkswagen camper van?

28th March 2020
Platinum Wave Campers explain the best way to insure your Platinum Wave Camper and what it covers.
Where to start?

Being one of the leading Volkswagen camper van conversion centers in the UK, as you can imagine we get asked regular questions regarding various things about the campervan lifestyle. One of the most frequent questions we get is regarding insurance.

So you have your VW camper van and you're ready to start your next adventure with the family, but how do you insure it? who is the best? who is the cheapest? and what should you consider?

    Woah, woah. Before you start that engine make sure you have the correct policy in place. Luckily Platinum Wave Campers have teamed up with the best insurance in the market to make sure our fabulous customers receive the best insurance possible, for the best value. 


      We had a chat with Adrian Flux today and ask them for some tips on the best ways to insure your Volkswagen Transporter camper van with them.

      • One of the main things they said is to call up and speak with them, that way they have a better gauge of you as a person, your situation and what you are looking for. When you fill in an online form you are given a quote purely based around the information you have inputted into the automated system.
      • The second thing is always be honest about everything you tell them, make sure all of your details are correct and you have not hidden any facts at all. Honesty is the best policy. 


        Luckily after some discussions with our team at Adrian Flux we have managed to get a special code to use for all Platinum Wave Campers to quote when they ring up to speak with Adrian Flux, the code will instantly make them aware of the type of high quality vehicle they will be insuring. They have promised us that they will always give the most competitive quotes possible for our lovely Platinum Wave Campers Customers.

        So feel free to contact Adrian Flux today for a quote 0800 369 8590, and don't forget to ask us for your unique one off code! Also to check out our range of vehicles we currently have in stock please CLICK HERE.

        Find out more on the video below.
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