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Conversion Options
Now the conversion centre is where YOU can build your dream custom Platinum Wave Camper. Here you can find out about all of our layouts available when you are customising your own FREE OF CHARGE custom build!
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  • Winter is fast approaching, and while some of you may be ready to embrace the colder months, it's essential to ensure your beloved campervans are ready too. Proper winter maintenance can help keep your van in shape for your next adventure. Here are some important tips to consider
  • Imagine this: You're comfortably nestled in your luxury camper van. Travelling at your own pace, you can break away from the usual tourist traps, stumble across hidden gems and all the while, enjoy the unmatched comfort of your travelling home.
  • Enjoy the Ultimate Freedom: 20 Camper Van Friendly Festivals For the Remainder of 2023
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